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Injury to Milliner might be lucky for Dolphins

Sometimes it's just good to be, well, lucky.

In 2011, for instance, the Indianapolis Colts were awful and their Patron Saint Manning was seemingly done as an NFL quarterback. So they stunk. A lot. And they earned the dubious distinction of the draft's first overall selectiion.

Luckily, that stinkage happened to precede a draft in which Andrew Luck was available as the first overall pick. Stinky Colts pick Luck. Stinky Colts stop stinking and go to the playoffs in 2012.

Luck. In more ways than one.

The Dolphins have not often been so, shall we say, lucky. They had the No. 1 overall pick in 2008. No Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in that draft. They had the second overall selection in 2005. Terrible draft. They took Ronnie Brown, who was serviceable but never a star.

Not lucky.

But on Thursday the Dolphins might have gotten a small, tiny slice of lucky.

The team that needs help at cornerback learned, as did the other 31 teams, that Dee Milliner, considered the best CB prospect in the coming draft has a torn labrum that will require surgery after the combine. The Alabama product will still work at the combine but will not participate in the Alabama Pro Day.

One of his reps told ESPN that Milliner should be ready to go for the start of training camp in July, which by the way, suggests he'll miss all the summer camps rookies typically participate in.

So why is that lucky?

Well, Milliner was expected to go in the top five picks of the draft based on his ability and team needs. But what if this injury/surgery red flag causes him to fall a bit to ... say .... to No. 12 and the Miami Dolphins?

No, there's no guarantee. Milliner runs well at the combine, team doctors suggest he can easily recover, his stock remains high. Indeed, the fact he played well with the injury last year might signal an added reason to like the kid.

Then the Dolphins will be looking at guys like Xavier Rhodes of FSU or John Banks of Mississippi State. But what if the stock slips and now Milliner is there at No. 12?

That would be lucky.

And aren't the Dolphins due for some of that?

[BLOG NOTE: GM Jeff Ireland will speak at the combine around 11:30ish today (and say nothing). But as it is the job of this blog to keep you atop the developments, circle back here to check the update on what he says.]