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The official 40 times for the defensive backs

You saw what the unofficial times were for the defensive backs in the last post. Now for the official combine 40-yard dash times for the defensive backs:


Johnthan Banks, Miss. St. 4.61

Dee Milliner, Alabama      4.37

Brandon McGee, UM         4.40

Tyrann Mathieu, LSU       4.50

Terry Hawthorne, Ill.      4.44

Sanders Commings UGA   4.41

David Amerson, NC ST.    4.44

Robert Alford, So. La.     4.39

Johnny Adams, Mich. St. 4.48

Xavier Rhodes, FSU         4.43

Darius Slay, Miss. St.       4.36

Jamar Taylor, Boise St.   4.39

Desmond Trufant, Wash.  4.38

Steve Williams, Cal.        4.42


Matt Elam, UF               4.54

Eric Reid, LSU               4.53

Kenny Vaccaro, Tex.      4.63

Shamarko Thomas, Syr.  4.42

Earl Wolff, NC. St.         4.44

You'll notice the official times vary from the unofficial times. Indeed, the unofficial numbers were supplied to the NFL Network, which is inside the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, by former NFL GM Charley Casserly. Those are his hand times.

The official times are the ones that count. And the numbers above are the fastest a player posted.

Now, you are aware I'm not a huge fan of 40-yard dast times relative to a player's ability to actually play football. I want football players, not track stars.

But as defensive backs must show speed and quickness, these times are quite relevant to the job. Speed is one of the critical factors for a defensive back, as are ball skills, hands, durability, etc ...

That and the fact the Dolphins are likely to need a defensive back in the draft and need him relatively early enough so that he has a chance to start, I'm posting these players and their times whereas I didn't do that for other positions.

I'd say Vaccaro's time, and in fact his entire day, was something of a disappointment because he wasn't exactly smooth in other drills, either.

Rhodes didn't hurt himself. Banks didn't help himself and there are now questions about him. Both are still top of the second round type guys, in my opinion.

The guys that ran exceedingly fast or the ones that disappointed will cause teams to go back and re-study their tape. Banks is in that group, as are Slay, Vaccaro, Williams and Trufant -- for different reasons, of course.