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Dolphins introduce Wheeler, Ellerbe to media

Skullking around Dolphins camp I've picked up a nugget here and there. Here's the top nugget I have relative to the Dolphins apparently curious exchange of linebackers from Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett to Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe.

Thinks playmaking. Think pass coverage. Think more speed. Think youth.

And, as was discussed Tuesday, all for about the same cap charge or less than what the Dolphins had.

The Dolphins in 2012 were not happy with the fact the defense did not have players that got the unit off the field. Yes,Cameron Wake was one. But who else?

Neither Dansby nor Burnett came up with game-changing plays. But the team believes that is more likely to get that from Wheeler and Ellerbe.

Both Dansby and Burnett, hitting the other side of 30, started to struggle in pass coverage in 2012. The Dolphins didn't feel it was going to get better as the pair got older. Enter Wheeler and Ellerbe -- both of which are gifted in pass coverage and have perhaps more speed than Burnett and Dansby.

Both players showed their enthusiasm for being with the Dolphins today when they were introduced to the media.

Ellerbe described himself as someone "who plays like their hair is on fire."

Wheeler described himself at the start of his press conference by using the word, "aggressive" in a 30 second span.

Like it.

Ellerbe comes from the Baltimore Ravens. He knows something about beating the New England Patriots. That's important for the Dolphins because that is the team they have to unseat if they're going to win the AFC East.

""Sooner or later you have to make something happen<" Ellerbe said of how to play the New England offense. "You have to make a play or force a turnover."