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Dolphins still vying for Jake Long even as he visits St. Louis

Jake Long, who has a gift for his economy of words when speaking with the media,also has a very vivacious and outgoing wife named Jackie.

That's right. Jake and Jackie Long.

Anyway, while Jake guards his privacy about as jealously as he does his quarterback's blind side, Jackie is more open. Jake has declined to speak with local media throughout his free agency period, selecting only national outlets to get out his message. Jackie, meanwhile, has a twitter account.

And that twitter account has been informative as to what's going on and how torn the couple is as they decide their future -- either with the Miami Dolphins or St. Louis Rams.

"Great dinner last night. Hoping to get everything figured out soon. No matter what happens we feel so fortunate." Jackie Long tweeted this morning from St. Louis where she and her husband awoke to a second day of a free agency visit.

Long spent nearly seven hours getting his physical from the Rams on Wednesday. Yes, perhaps the longest physical in the history of NFL free agency was probably a thorough investigation of the big man's multiple  former injuries -- biceps, triceps, knees, back, shoulders -- as the Rams decide how much they're willing to invest in Long.

As that physical was happening yesterday, Jackie Long had to correct an erroneous report in the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Long has agreed to terms with the Rams.

"Alright hold up everyone," Jackie Long tweeted minutes after the report went on the newspaper's website. "Nothing is official yet."

The report was vehemently denied through sources by the Rams who said not only was there no agreement, there were no terms that had even been discussed. The report was eventually taken down.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, remain hopeful they can get Long back. They have discussed contract details with Long's representation multiple times. They see Long taking trips as a way to set the market for his worth.

Long returning remains so important, the club was worried a tweet from Bryant McKinnie announcing he was on a plane to South Florida would be interpreted as him visiting the Dolphins and that would upset Long.

So the club made clear that no visit from McKinnie was scheduled so Long might not get upset and move on.

I don't read tea leaves. So I have no idea which way Long is going to go on this one. I know if the Rams had blown the Longs away on a contract, they were prepared to go that direction.

That obviously has not happened, at least not yet. And so the Dolphins are still vying to keep their left tackle. Their offer, which obviously wasn't what Long believed he was worth, is holding up so far.

[Update: NFL Network is reporting the Rams are negotiating a contract with Long.]

I'm told the Dolphins have a "Plan B" if Long bolts. They obviously will not implement that until Long makes a decision.