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Dustin Keller: Dolphins over the Jets

Dustin Keller just spoke with the South Florida media and the most interesting things about his 10 minute chat follow:

That Jets versus Dolphins rivalry everyone of you pour over?

"Once we got to free agency all that was out the window," Keller said. "I just wanted to check the market and see whre everything was. Coming into the Dolphins and speaking with all the coaches, it was a good fit."

Keller says he had interest from multiple teams but ultimately his choice narrowed to the New York Jets or the Miami Dolphins.

"It was really between those two," he said. "Other teams were talking but there really those two teams that came down to and once I made the visit it made my decision pretty easy."


"We had talked to New York as well but what it came down to was it was a better fit for me. I had a great time in New York but it was time to move on for me. I see my future here in Miami. I see a bright one. I feel like I'm going to be surrounded by a great lockerroom and just great guys and coaches that are going to help me thrive."

I understand that you'll read that quote and perhaps wonder why Keller is talking about a future in Miami when he only signed a one-year deal. Look, that deal gives Keller an opportunity to prove what he believes is his true value.

If he somehow finds great chemistry with quarterback Ryan Tannehill and catches, say, 60 passes for 800 yards, the Dolphins will obviously want to keep him in the fold and could easily do that before he hits free agency.

Keller, being a competitor, is thinking that will be the case. He's not meditating on the possibility he'll get injured again or will simply be overshadowed in the Miami offense. He's expecting big things.

Keller met with multiple coaches including position coach Dan Campbell, who he apparently has great respect for. He also met head coach Joe Philbin.

"They're all about winning and winning now," Keller said. "I know they've had some rebuilding years. But this is the time for them to win and that excited me more than anything."