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Mike Dee takes on Norman Braman head on

The Dolphins have been negotiating with Miami-Dade County in an effort to get $389 million worth of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium. The club is paying for 57 percent of the deal out of its own private funds and offering to refund $120 million to Miami-Dade County within 30 years, meaning it will give back the county's $120 million public investment that it is getting from a tourist tax.

But while this has played out, the club has fought an unseen battle with local car magnate and former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman.

Braman has for some reason become the very vocal voice of the opposition. He has also been a major funding source for those opposed to any public funding for upgrading Sun Life.

Why is uncertain. But this much is certain:

The Dolphins don't like it much. The club has been simmering privately about Braman's lobbying of politicians against their efforts and public stance against the team in the media.

Those private sentiments leaked into public Tuesday evening when Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee took to twitter and went after Braman.

"With the offer that is now on the table, Norman Braman is frankly irrelevant to this conversation," Dee tweeted.

"When he agrees to repay the public money he accepted for his dealership, we will be happy to acknowledge his otherwise hypocritical stance," he added.

The team says that Braman, who opposes public funding of private ventures, took public money for one of his car dealerships. That is something I will be looking into the next few days.

Finally, Dee believes that whatever Braman says, the final say belongs to voters.

"Thanks for the positive replies," Dee said on twitter. "The voters of Miami Dade County should make this decision not Norman Braman."

Yup, it's on now.