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Mike Wallace getting interest from teams (no surprise)

While Dolphins fans have been debating the pros and cons of adding the major talent and major salary burden Mike Wallace brings, it is clear teams around the NFL don't need to weigh such issues.

They like Wallace.

And that's why, according to a league source, I'm told multiple teams are showing interest in Wallace and it started "well before midnight," meaning the time teams are officially allowed to make overtures to Wallace's agent.

Then there is this:

An NFL agent which I trust but does not represent Wallace told me early Saturday that he has it on good authority the New England Patriots are one of the teams showing some interest in the prospective Pittsburgh Steelers free agent.

Let that marinate for a moment.

You may recall I included the Patriots on the list of teams that could potentially be interested in signing him. This despite the fact the Patriots have not previously been prone to making splashy free agency moves.

Now, before you commit violence against yourself or the computer screen, understand the perspective here. Showing interest does not mean a contract is imminent. It doesn't not even mean\ a contract is being discussed. It might be just a phone call to gauge Wallace's interest and feel him out.

So this is only initial.

As to the Dolphins interest, I cannot confirm that officially. The club has locked up tightly. The club has also told agents not to speak with the Miami media or disclose information to the Miami media.

But I would be very, very, very surprised if the Dolphins also weren't one of those teams that at minimum are showing interest in Mike Wallace.