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Sean Smith to Kansas City

Turns out Vontae Davis had it right all along.

Sean Smith has agreed to a three-year contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, according to his agent.

That leaves a void for the Dolphins. But is anyone all that upset?

It should depend.

And it will, as many things do, depend on the money.

The Dolphins liked but didn't love Sean Smith. They never were intending to franchise him, as the Palm Beach Post reported. They never were intending to pay him the $8 million per season that Smith originally thought he'd be worth.

So the question becomes, how much did Smith actually get?

If Smith got his asking price (doubtful) then the Chiefs overpaid and you tip your hat to Smith and wish him well. Ciao!

Have fun covering Demaryius Thomas and playing against Phillip Rivers and Peyton Manning twice a year.

If, however, the Chiefs were more careful with their dollars and got Smith for a bargain -- say, $2-$3 million per season -- then the Dolphins made a mistake not keeping Smith.

[Update: YahooSports.com reports the Smith contract is three-years for $18 million with $11 million guaranteed.]

Smith, supremely talented but also supremely inconsistent, was worth some money, some respect, if for no other reason than not allowing cornerback to become a glowing hole on the roster.

My feeling is this likely will land somewhere in between the two obvious choices of overpayment and underpayment.

In either case, the Dolphins now need cornerback help.

Yes, there are guys available in free agency. Brent Grimes is out there. Aqib Talib is out there, although when he came out in the draft, the Dolphins had major flags on him and he's done nothing to change that as a pro.

But I see the team seriously considering cornerbacks in the draft. I've been told the Dolphins really like Florida State's Xavier Rhodes. He's probably the second-best corner on the market. He's 6-1. He ran a 4.4 at the combine. He's played top competition. He has the measurables.

Is he a can't miss? No.

But he is probably a first round caliber pick.

And don't be surprised if the Dolphins double down at cornerback during the draft. They did that in 2009 with Vontae Davis in the first round and Sean Smith in the second round. Of course, that didn't exactly work out exceedingly well, as we close the book on both.