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Dolphins preseason schedule right here

We knew the Dolphins agreed to play five instead of four preseason games this year. Now we know their opponents in those games.

The Dolphins preseason schedule:

Date       Opponent                                      Time

Aug. 4     Dallas Cowboys (Canton, Ohio)       8 p.m.

TBD.        at Jacksonville                              TBD.

TBD.        at Houston                                    TBD.

TBD.        Tampa Bay                                    TBD.

TBD.        New Orleans                                  TBD.

Coach Joe Philbin wanted wanted to play the extra game because the Dolphins are a young team with many new players. The coach got his wish a couple of weeks ago when the Dolphins were selected to play the Dallas Cowboys in the annual Hall of Fame game Aug. 4. That game, at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio, will be televised nationally.

The extra game allows Miami more time to become cohesive and allows the coaching staff more time to evaluate players.

The Dolphins also didn't want to play regular season opponents in the preseason. That didn't quite work out.

Atlanta, who was on the preseason schedule last year, is not on this year. The Dolphins are scheduled to host the Falcons at Sun Life Stadium in the regular season. That's a win for Phibin.

But, New Orleans, who has been a Miami preseason favorite in past years, is back on this year's preseason schedule. The Dolphins will travel to New Orleans during the regular season. They'll also play Tampa Bay both in the preseason and regular season.

Carolina, a club the Dolphins played in the preseason last year, is off the schedule this year. The Dolphins will host Carolina in the regular season.

The dates and times of the game are still being finalized.