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Two meetings with potential draftees that truly interest

I'll admit it, I used to get caught up in the hype about which college players the Dolphins would meet privately or workout this time of year. I used to be interested in what players the team would bring to town in its top 30 visits or what local prospects made the cut to visit the facility.

This was a big deal back in the Jimmy Johnson era. Basically, if a player was coming to Davie to meet with the Dolphins the chances of him being drafted by the team were quite high.

Lately, the truth is a majority of the players the Dolphins bring to town don't end up getting drafted by Miami. Many are borderline guys the coaching staff needs to meet up close to gauge. Many are simply priority free agent types for after the draft.

So the process is not as interesting to me except, well, when it's interesting to me.

This is interesting to me:

This week the Dolphins are bringing in their local prospects and according to a league source, one of the players the Dolphins are expected to host is a defensive lineman named Jose Jose.

I'm not kidding. Jose Jose.

Jose is a Miami kid. He was All-Dade at Central High twice. He was recruited by Miami, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia and Rutgers before accepting a full scholarship from the University of Central Florida.

And then things went terribly wrong.

In March 2010, one month after signing his national letter of intent, Jose was arrested in Miami-Dade for carrying a concealed firearm without a permit and aggravated assault with a firearm.

UCF cut him loose but Jose was not convicted. He was sentenced to a six-month administrative probation. So Jose went the JUCO route. The following January he was again offered a scholarship at UCF.

And for 14 months things went smoothly. Until March of 2012.

After making a transition from offensive line to defensive line and battling weight issues, Jose apparently got into a heated argument with head coach George O'Leary.

And the argument escalated.

And O'Leary kicked Jose off the team.

"Really it wasn't, well ... yeah it was an argument," Jose told the Orlando Sentinel. "I do not really want to get into what was said in the argument, and I said some things that I probably shouldn’t have said. He took action and did what he had to do and that's just kind of how it is. I can’t really take back what I said."

Indeed, Jose now is trying to get himself either drafted or picked up as a priority free agent after the draft. Because he's from Miami, the Dolphins can host him along with other local products.

I'd love to know how that conversation with Joe Philbin goes.

Among the Top 30 players scheduled to visit with the Dolphins is former Washington State wide receiver Marquess Wilson.

Wilson is a 6-4 and 198 pound receiver with good speed and solid albeit not spectacular production in college. So why does he interest me?

Wilson, if you can remember, quit the WSU football team last November and then alleged abuse by coach Mike Leach before eventually recanting the allegations. And then when all seemed settled, in February Wilson recanted the recant of the allegations while he was at the Indianapolis Combine.

Wild, right?

Wilson actually released a letter to the media claiming he was the victim of "physical, emotional and mental abuse" at the hands of Leach and the WSU coaching staff. Wilson timed the letter's release on the day WSU played a nationally ranked UCLA in a nationally telecast game.

The PAC-12 and WSU conducted an investigation and cleared the coaches.

And that left Wilson off a team and looking at expecting hard questions from NFL suitors, including the Dolphins now.

The likely questions?

Why did you quit?

Can you be expected to quit when any situation turns difficult?

Have you turned on any other people you know?

If you come here, would you do the same here that you did at WSU?

Why should we trust you to keep problems in-house?

It's an intriguing situation because Wilson was expected to be a second-round caliber receiver before he left the team. Now, nobody knows where he'll be drafted if at all.

Obviously, the Dolphins are doing their due diligence. They're seriously beating the weeds here in hopes of landing a bargain player.

Me, I'd love to be a fly on the wall on the Jose Jose and Marquess Wilson meetings with the Dolphins.