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Mike Wallace: Tannehill ahead of where I thought

On Wednesday Dolphins receiver Mike Wallace said this about quarterback Ryan Tannehill:

"I think he's a really good player. I think he's ahead of where I thought he would be. He's a smart player. Whatever it is, the hype and stuff we've been getting the past week or two, he's like, 'I don't care about it.'  He's the same guy. He goes to work and prepares the same way. I think that's going to make him a very good player. He doesn't get caught up in the hype. He continues back to work and worries about what he did wrong. He's not worried about the good throws he made, he's worried about the ones he missed. As long as our quarterback is working like that, we'll be fine."

Let that all marinate for a moment ...

And now let us consider what it all means. You have to remember Wallace came to the Dolphins from the Pittsburgh Steelers and he did so mostly because Miami paid him $60 million with $27 million guaranteed. But in making the move, Wallace understood he was trading in an accomplished, outstanding Super Bowl caliber quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger for a youngster that had thrown more interceptions than touchdowns as a rookie.

Wallace hoped Tannehill would be good. But obviously, now he is seeing Tannehill is better than even he thought he'd be at this stage in Year 2.

Secondly, the Dolphins are starting to get attention now.

(I have always paid attention, but now the national media is coming around because the team's 3-0 record merits it. ESPN was in town on Wednesday. And Tannehill will be the focus of much of that attention.)

Will that freak Tannehill?

He flew under the radar last year compared to Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III because, well, he didn't play as well as those oung guys. But now he's apparently joining their performance ranks.

So what Wallace is saying is important: The attention isn't affecting Tannehill so far.

He doesn't think he's arrived. That's good because he hasn't. But he believes there is still much work to do and much to improve and he's busy working on that rather than basking in any adulation.

That's very good.

Discuss ..