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Sunday brunch: Everything on Brent Grimes

I've said on multiple occasions on various platforms -- radio, this blog, my column, my twitter -- that I believe Brent Grimes is the player the Dolphins could least afford to lose.

I simply think he's very good at what he does and the dropoff after him would be steep and significant. The fact Grimes is playing well so far this season suggests he was not only a wise signing, but is making a case for him being re-signed by the team because he's on a one-year contract.

I tackle that very topic in my Sunday column about Grimes. As part of the column I tell you that Miami has not offered Grimes a contract extension and isn't planning to do so (for now) until after the season when admittedly the player's price will be higher.

I talked to Grimes for 20 minutes or so last week. Here are parts of the interview that didn't make the column:

I asked him how it was adjusting to being in South Florida.

“It’s not tough for me to adjust to being anywhere," he said. "I just go and do whatever. I’m a pretty simple dude. My wife found most of the stuff as far as finding a place to live. And the other stuff, I just ask questions for the other stuff like haircuts.

"When I was staying at the little hotel when I first got here it was weird because you’re living out of a hotel but once I got a place, it was cool.”

I asked why the Falcons didn't re-sign him and how he feels about that.

“It was just a numbers thing," Grimes said. "They have to pay their quarterback a lot. You know how that goes. They had to pay Tony Gonzalez. It’s just the way it is. That’s what they want to be so they had to sign those guys. I’m not mad at it. I understand. They wanted to pay way cheap, but I said, ‘It’s good. I’ll just leave.’ But I got no hard feelings about it.”

I asked Grimes why he picked the Dolphins. 

“They wanted the one year deal. And that was cool. I wanted the one year deal. That was cool. And then when I looked at everything, I liked the coaches, I liked the scheme, the players they have when I watched the film when I came in. There’s a lot of talent on this team. I said we can do some good things. That’s why I picked here."

His thoughts on the Dolphins system: 

“It’s an aggressive system," Grimes said. "It’s very demanding on corners. You can’t hide your corners in this system at all. If you’re playing well, if you make plays, it’s great because it gives you a chance to make plays. We get after the quarterback so the quarterback isn’t really sitting back there comfortable. It’s a proven effective system. You just have to make plays when they come.”

Grimes told me his next stop -- either in Miami or elsewhere -- will be about what team comes with the best contract. He does, however, like South Florida. That's a plus in the Dolphins' corner, although it won't be a deciding factor.

“I love it here," Grimes said. "I never thought I would because I thought it was so hot and humid. But my wife always loved it here. And once I got down here and now I love it. It’s definitely hot and you have to get used to the rain but maybe it’s the palm trees. I love palm trees. I like the palm trees in California but they have palm trees here. I love palm trees.”