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Ryan Tannehill talks bye, Bills, getting better

Ryan Tannehill took a couple of minutes while not being sacked to discuss the coming game with the Buffalo Bills.

This is what he said:

(On if a quarterback or the defense has an advantage when the defense doesn’t have much tape on a player) – “I don’t know, you look at the offense as a whole.  Not so much one particular person, one quarterback.  You look at the offense as a whole and I’m sure they’ll do some similar things that they’ve done all year.  To say just because they don’t have tape on a certain player in this offense, I wouldn’t say it’s a huge advantage.?

(On one part of the passing game that he wants to get better over the next 11 weeks) – “There’s a lot of areas that we’d like to see get better.  Third down I think we’re doing a pretty good job so far, we’d like to see that continue at the pace it’s at right now and hopefully increase it a little bit.  Down in the red zone we’ve had some success, we took a step back against Baltimore, and we need to get that back on track.  We’d like to hit a few more down the field shots, we’ve been really close at it a few times and we feel like if we hit a couple of those we’re right where we want to be."

(On if Mario Williams is playing another level this year) – “I think he’s doing a really good job, he’s being a threat, he’s moving around, they have him moving around on all different positions on the defensive front.  You can’t just key in on one side of the line or one spot at defensive end for him.  They’ll put him right over the center, bring him in an ‘A’ gap, do a lot of different things with him.  He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with and we’re going to have to handle that."

(On if Ryan Tannehill or Mike Pouncey will be responsible for identifying where Mario Williams is lined up) – “A little bit of both.  Mostly on Mike (Pouncey), but there’s certain situations when we’ll have to identify him."

(On how it has been getting his timing back after the bye week) – “I think once we got a couple periods under our belt on Monday, it was just like we never stopped practicing.  That first 30 minutes on Monday I would say was just getting back into the groove on it.  Once that passed, I feel like we’re right back on track."

(On the importance of the remaining six divisional games) – “They’re huge.  Obviously division games are the ones you look forward to, the ones that you want to win the most.  You play each team twice and in order to win your division, the best way to do it is to win the games in your division.  They’re games we look forward to and we have them all right in front of us, so I feel like that’s and advantage for us."

(On if he’s feeling more confident with Mike Sherman after they’ve been together for a little while) – “Yes, I think so.  We meet every Friday afternoon after we’ve had a full week of practice and go over the game plan, things I like, things I don’t like.  Maybe a little adjustment here, adjustment there.  It really helps us get on the same page, I can understand where he’s going to call things, and what he likes out of the play.  He can understand what I like and what I’m not really feeling."

(On how much a good running game help the entire o-line process) – “It’s huge.  Obviously, not only gaining yards, putting us in 3rd and manageable but opens up play action and those type of things for us as well.  It’s something that we’re really going to focus on heading into the second half of the season and continue grinding.  We understand that there are going to be some games that it’s going to be tough to run the ball but we just have to keep doing it.  Eventually we’re going to break one and gain some good yards."

(On what he did on the bye week to get better, if he watched his first 5 games) – “I didn’t watch them as games, we watch them as cut ups, kind of looked at our tendencies.  We looked at some things that I didn’t do well, some that we did do well, and just tried to evaluate it from a whole, as opposed to each game individually."

(On what he learned about himself specifically what he can improve upon) – “I think one of the things I hit on earlier, is deep balls, we had some opportunities there and   we’re really close, we just need to connect on those.  Like I said, I think we’re doing a decent job on third down, a decent job in the red zone, we can’t let that slack off, we have to continue that.  I think if we hit those deep balls, it would really open up a whole other part of our offense."

(On if the bye week can be used as a flush out, to use the things you’ve done well and eliminate the bad) – “Yes, I think so.  I think we, don’t flush out what you didn’t do well, but learn from it.  Go back, take a look at it, why didn’t it go well, ask questions why.  We have, I don’t remember how many sacks, twenty whatever sacks…why do we have 24 sacks.  We broke it down individually and why each one happened, and now it’s just a matter of fixing those things."

(On if a couple of the sacks were on him) – “Yes, for sure."

(On besides Mario Williams, what additionally catches his attention on the Buffalo defense) –“They show a lot of looks.  They’ll use dime personnel a lot on 3rd down and they show a lot of different looks at you.  It makes it tough to identify, they want to get pressure on the QB and that’s something that we’re going to have to handle."

(On how disruptive is Kiko Alonso for the Bills) – “He’s a good player.  He flies around all over the field, he made some big plays down on the goal line against Cleveland also, I don’t know how many total interceptions he has but you can see he has good ball skills.  When the ball is in the air he’s not afraid to go get it, and feels very comfortable catching the ball.  He’s definitely a guy that we’ll have to account for."

(On after a bye week, losing the last two games before, does it put more of a sense of urgency around it) – “Well it’s definitely a big game.  I don’t think having the bye makes it a bigger game than it is.  I think the bye was great for us, we can kind of learn from the things we didn’t do well and kind of flush that out and just get ready for this game.  We’re looking at it as the first game of the second half of our season."

(On if he’s more of a QB that pats his teammates on the back or yell at them for the results he needs) – “Most of the time pat on the back.  There’s definitely times when I’m unhappy and I may get on a guy."

(On if that is due to his personality or just with this particular team) – “I think it’s a little bit of both.  You have to be able to understand your guys, understand how guys react to being coached, to being talked to.  Each guy is different, each guy has a different personality and it goes for my personality as well.  Leadership is different for everyone, everyone can have a different style of leadership, but you have to use the style that fits you."