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Tom Brady is either hurting or ...

It caused a bit of a stir Wednesday when the Dolphins put quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the injury report with a right shoulder issue that limited him in practice.

Well, he's on the same report today for Miami but it really doesn't matter a whole bunch because the Dolphins didn't actually practice today and everything the team turned into the NFL was an approximation of what would have happened had they practiced.

The Patriots, on the other hand, did practice.

And quarterback Tom Brady unexpectedly appeared on their injury report -- with a throwing shouler issue that limited him in practice.

Brady's right shoulder last appeared on the New England injury report in Week 16 in 2012.  It was on a Wednesay. And it was removed the following day.

Now, this means one of three things:

Tom Brady suffered some sort of shoulder malfunction on Wednesday that needed reporting today. Or ...

The Patriots on Wednesday did not place Tom Brady on the injury report with a shoulder injury even though he had one. Or ...

The Patriots noticed Tannehill on the Miami injury report Wednesday and decided to mess with the Dolphins a bit today.