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Changes coming but none decided

TAMPA -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who is in town to watch his team play against the Buccaneers tonight and is scheduled to talk to the media at 6 p.m., fully expects to make "significant" changes within the organization following the NFL investigation and season, according to a source.

But ...

Ross has made no final decision on the future of coach Joe Philbin or general manager Jeff Ireland, the source said. Furthermore, the source said, if Ross is pressured to dismiss one or the other, barring incriminating details in the NFL report that forces his hand otherwise, Ross is more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland.

Ross, I am told, is fond of and respects the job both Philbin and Ireland have been doing. Philbin is the owner's first signature hire since taking full control of the Dolphins in 2009. Ross also reportedly gave Ireland a one-year contract extension before the start of the 2013 season -- an endorsement of the job he felt the general manager was doing.

The NFL is investigating the Richie Incognito-Jon Martin situation. But in speaking with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Ross is said to have asked for a review that included everyone in the organization and not just the players involved.

That means Ross wants to know what role if any, his coaching staff (including assistants) had in the issue. He wants to know what role if any his personnel department played in the issue. He wants to know what role if any top football administrators played in the issue.

The results of that review and the results the Dolphins will continue to get on the field are expected to be the factors Ross uses to weigh his employees' future.