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Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is Thanksgiving Day. On behalf of Dolphins In Depth and The Miami Herald, I want to wish you a very Happy and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

The past few weeks I've been inundated with reams of emails from unhappy and dissatisfied Dolphins fans. I understand your sentiments. I feel you.

But all is not lost. Not even with the 2013 Dolphins.

The team is still in the playoff conversation the first week of December.

There's still a chance the disappointment of the season can be forgotten amid a late-season rally. (I don't expect it, but there's a chance).

Even if there's no Cinderalla carriage ride to the postseason, I think these Dolphins still have things to be thankful for:

They should be thankful for Dion Jordan's future ... (Used correctly and if he stays healthy, this kid is going to be very good).

They should be thankful Olivier Vernon already has more sacks in less than two seasons with the Dolphins (11) than he had in three seasons at the University of Miami (9).

They should be thankful Tyson Clabo, benched one week after the team made the trade for Bryant McKinnie, is a consummate professional. Seemingly cast to the side, Clabo did not sulk nor leave the team. He kept his head down, worked, and two weeks later was back in the starting lineup.

They should be thankful Nate Garner is a super sub. And a versatile one, too. The starter at center the past two weeks, he'll start at left guard on Sunday.

They should be thankful for Brent Grimes's rebuilt Achilles' tendon.

They should be thankful for Mike Wallace's speed.

They should be thankful for the quick chemistry the slot receivers -- Brandon Gibson first and then Rishard Matthews -- forged with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They should be thankful for Brandon Fields flipping the field -- over and over and over and over.

They should be thankful for John Denney never missing on a long snap. Never.

They should be thankful Tannehill is only 25 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful Cameron Wake is almost 32 and really wants to be better.

They should be thankful the media missed it on significant stories about the NFL scandal because, I perceive, things won't look nearly as bad when the Ted Wells report is released as we thought it might. Yes, there were some problems and those will come out and must not be diminished. But Code Reds? Orders from the GM to an agent that one player punch another? Nope.

They should be thankful for committees. Weeeee! Committees! Might as well be thankful for them because they're coming down the tracks.

They should be thankful Mike Pouncey has a gallbladder made of steel.

They should be thankful Randy Starks chooses to express himself through his obvious ornithophilia.

They should be thankful they don't play a winless team every week.

They should be thankful for overtime.

They should be thankful for Brian Hartline's consistency.

They should be thankful for redshirt seasons because Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, and Dallas Thomas certainly are getting one. 

They should be thankful for Go.

They should be thankful for Go-Go.

They should be thankful some people out there actually believe it doesn't matter.

Joe Philbin's tie should be thankful for Dawn Aponte.

Joe Philbin's wallet should be thankful for Stephen Ross.

Joe Philbin's post-game victory speech should be thankful for index cards.

Mike Sherman should be thankful for Joe Philbin.

Zac Taylor should be thankful for Mike Sherman.

All the Dolphins players should be thankful for their health. Will Yeatman, Brandon Gibson, and Dustin Keller should be thankful for complete and speedy recoveries and the Dolphins doctors, trainers and rehabilitation staff that will make that possible.

Dolphins fans should be thankful for Kevin Coyle's honesty and forthrightness.

Fans at Sun Life Stadium should be thankful to Richie Incognito for his explanation on how to be civil.

Richie Incognito should be thankful for out-of-court settlements and lawyers.

Richie Incognito should be thankful an assault on a female golf course volunteer doesn't merit a suspension for conduct detrimental to the team even if alleged verbal assaults on a 315-pound teammate does.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore has been a luxury and not a necessity -- not because he wouldn't be good, but because it means the guy in front of him has so far survived 44 sacks.

The Dolphins should be thankful Matt Moore is on the roster -- just in case something happens the final month.

The Dolphins should be thankful for four division games the final month. (It's a chance to show their mettle).

The Dolphins should be thankful for the New York Jets ... because everybody should have a turkey to carve on Thanksgiving week.