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How to fix the top of the Dolphins organization

Shortly after the 2012 season ended, the Dolphins and Dan Marino talked informally about the possibility of the Hall of Fame quarterback one day joining the organization in some undetermined capacity. Marino, who works for CBS Sports, did not pursue the opportunity but the door was left open to the possibility.

Today I also reported in my column that Dolphins owner Stephen Ross tried to hire former Colts and Buccaneers coach Tony Dungy in an advisory capacity.

Well, that's all well and good.

But the Dolphins, in full retreat on the field with five losses in six games and fielding more letters and calls from angry fans than they can answer, need to be more aggressive with Dungy. I believe the Dolphins should chase Dungy as their top executive to help turn this hapless organization around.

I am not advocating Dungy should be hired as the head coach.

Let me repeat: I don't want Dungy as the coach. Even Dungy doesn't want Dungy as the head coach.

I want Dungy as the face of the franchise to pick a new coach (check his record on finding coaching talent) or making a career decision on the current one. I want Dungy leading an organiazation that clearly lacks leadership. I want him hiring a general manager, if indeed Ross is of the mind to go in another direction there.

I want him setting the culture. I want him bringing respect back to the Dolphins. I want a football man who has come up throught the football ranks heading the football team.

Let's face it, Stephen Ross is not a football man. He is a wonderful business man and real estate developer. But that does not qualify him as a football man. Dolphins president and CEO Tom Garfinkel is likely a fine corporate officer. He comes from a baseball background. But he is not a football man.

I don't want either of them picking the next Dolphins coach or GM if that is the direction the Dolphins are going. I don't even see them as qualified to decide the fate of the current Dolphins coach and GM. Seriously, what does Ross or Garfinkel know? Anyone looking at Ross's track record would question that. Anyone looking at Garfinkel's inexperience would question that.

Anyone who would be comfortable with that is apparently quite comfortable with the past four seasons of Dolphins history.