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Will Dolphins show out or fail to show up?

Will the Dolphins show up on Sunday against the New York Jets?

That's the question I write about in today's Miami Herald. That's the question that matters most now.

The reason we have to ask the question is last week was a major disappointment against an inferior Buffalo team. With so much at stake the Dolphins didn't show up against the Bills.

I believe they came out flat and stayed that way. Coach Joe Philbin would argue the Dolphins were not flat.

I would suggest the Dolphins coach should have gone above and beyond last week, last night at the team meetings at the hotel, this morning, and before the game to motivate and get his team up. You know Rex Ryan, fighting for his job, will have something up his sleeve.

Last week, after the Dolphins dealt New England a defeat, Bill Belichick had something up his sleeve for the Patriots.

Some players believe coaches motivating is a good thing. Movies, highlight tapes, speeches, anything ...

“It helps motivate you," offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie told me. "Initially, it helps you as far as your mindset going into the game. Once the ball is snapped you’re obviously not still thinking about that. But your mindset going into the game,  it can help."

Several Dolphins players I spoke with, however, don't care much for motivational tactics from their coaches.

"I just don’t buy it," offensive tackle Tyson Clabo said. "You’re either good at football or you’re not.”

So why do teams play flat sometimes?

“It’s about momentum," he said.

Momentum? So the Dolphins weren't flat against the Buffalo, but rather they simply had no momentum?

“Not a lot of good stuff happened in that football game," Clabo said. "We made a lot of mistakes all across the board. The defense is out there playing hard and doing a pretty decent job and we can’t piss a drop. And they’re out there the whole game. They had 51 rushing attempts in the football game. We just didn’t make any plays. No one made any plays. We just didn’t play well.

"The whole game everybody is thinking this thing in going to turn. I felt like that until the very end when I knew it wasn’t going to turn. And even then in the fourth I’m think we’re alright, we’re alright but it never happened for us.”

Well, that was last week. This week the Dolphins cannot afford a similar letdown game.

And so I hope Philbin and his staff did something, anything, to make sure the Dolphins don't play this game like they did the last.