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Bill Lazor: Assistants, offense to be determined

Bill Lazor is excited. He's eager to get to work as the Dolphins new offensive coordinator. Although he has known coach Joe Philbin only casually he says, "he's a winner ... the work coach has done is lay the foundation."

Indeed Lazor says the reason he took the job with the Dolphins was "about coach Philbin himself."

"It's about people," he said today. "It's about trusting the person you're working for and working with. You want to be around people with character and who are committed in doing things the right way. I want to be around football people, which is what coach Philbin is ..."

Lazor was vague about several topics. He declined to comment whether he was indeed on his way to Detroit as was reported Tuesday by ESPN. More importantly he couldn't give specifics about what type of offense the Dolphins would run -- although it's believed it will be mostly a West Coast attack with other elements of other schemes peppered in as well.

"The clearest way to say it and it's probably disappointing is this will be the Miami Dolphins offense," Lazor said. "The one factor in how we do it, specifically how it works is the ability of the players we have. I've done a little bit of research ... but I haven't done nearly enough to be able to answer that question."

Lazor said he is not certain if he'll be able to bring coaches he's familiar with to the Dolphins.

"Coach Philbin is charge of the structure of the staff and he and I have not had all our conversations about the structure of the staff. What I do know, and I did my research, is I know we have good coaches on the staff and they have great reputations. I'm excited to get to know them and that's something that will be handled going forward."

(So Philbin and Lazor interviewed and they didn't talk about offensive assistants? The offensive line gave up a franchise record 58 sacks and the OL coach was not discussed?)

Lazor, the Eagles QB coach in 2013, did not call plays for the Eagles. He confirmed he will call the plays for the Dolphins.

Before the 2013, former offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill would be the most improved second-year quarterback in the NFL. He wasn't. The most improved second-year QB in the NFL was Nick Foles in Philadelphia.

The quarterback Lazor coached.

So what does Lazor think of Tannehill?

"I see a lot of ability. Physical ability. The ability to play the game," Lazor said. "It would be premature to say what he can do and what he can't do because I haven't been around him much. But I think there's a nucleus here in a lot of way with the staff and the talent I've seen so far to work with these players."