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Steve Ross: Not worried about the offensive line

ORLANDO -- Are you worried about the Dolphins offensive line situation today? Club owner Stephen Ross isn't, even though the team has obvious holes at right tackle and at least one guard spot.

"I'd be worried if it was all taken care of by now," Ross said Sunday after he arrived at the NFL annual meeting. "We know it has to be addressed and it will be addressed the right way."

Ross said the Dolphins have a plan for addressing the line and added, "We'll get a right tackle in the draft and then we'll see what else he have to get."

The annual meeting begins Monday morning. Among the major topics of discussion among owners will be workplace conduct -- that includes both on field use of the N-word and taunts of any kind as well as locker room behavior.

The Dolphins last season suffered what was recognized leaguewide as a failure to monitor and handle behavior in the locker room among players and some staff. That failure led directly the Dolphins firing an offensive line coach, the team's head trainer, and making a decision to not bring back Richie Incognito, John Jerry and trading Jonathan Martin.

It is possible Ross will be asked to give an update on what the Dolphins have done and will continue to do going forward to avoid a repeat of 2013.