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Wallace eager, willing to do more: And may have to

The Dolphins hope to unleash Mike Wallace this year. A one trick pony, by his own admission, in the offense last season, I tell you in my column today some of offensive coordinator Bill Lazor's plans for Wallace in 2014.

Wallace also explains for me how the pressure of performing up to his $60 million contract last season messed with his head and how he's addressing that this year:

“You just got to keep a level head," he said. "You’re going to have expectations on you but as a player I just got to keep my head. You can’t worry about anything but the focus and the grind every single day on the field. You can’t worry about the off-field stuff – about this person, that person. You just got to focus, man. I feel like I take that with me everyday and I learned that. That was a great learning experience for me my first year and I think you’ll see a big difference from Year One to Year Two here."

Wallace isn't expected to be just a nine-route runner this year. And he's excited about the possibilities that will bring. He said his goal is to be a first-team All-Pro this season.

And he's apparently ready to take that do-more theme to extremes.

Even special teams extremes.

 That's right, Wallace said he's willing to help on special teams in 2014.

“I don’t want to run down on kickoff team," Wallace said. "But if I can return a little bit, I’ll do that.”

 Wallace would like the Dolphins to pick and choose certain key moments or games and let him have a chance to make a big play on special teams.

"I feel I could bring a spark to the team if I get back there on special occasions," he said. "Not every play but every once in a while I feel I could make a spark. I could take one or two to the house.”