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Dolphins tweak Tannehill's technique

When Bill Lazor came to the Dolphins with a reputation as something of a quarterback whisperer everyone knew change was coming for Ryan Tannehill. But the degree of the fundamental nature of that change is starting to become clear.

Lazor tweaked Tannehill's footwork. That is supposed to improve accuracy.

"We just taught him how we want it to be. We explained it to him," Lazor said. "We gave him some drills on how to get it. And he worked his butt off, he's working his butt off to get it right.

"There were just certain fundamentals as with any position that we feel is the best way to do it. That's the way we're leading them. No one's perfect. PGA golfers have swing coaches and they're making money and are not done yet. It's just a matter of coaching. We're coaches. We have a great love for what we do and the fundamentals of the game and to try to make guys the best they can be. That's what we're doing with Ryan. For his part and all the quarterbacks here, they're buying in and working hard."

Well, Tannehill was 6 of 6 and led the Dolphins on a touchdown drive in the preseason opener Friday against Atlanta. So has he arrived?

"There is no 'I got it,' '" Lazor said. "Never.

""I thought he had 10 good plays. I thought he showed command. I thought he was very decisive on the field. The ball came out of his hand on time with all of them. He has a really good grasp of what we're doing. My job is to push him. I've got to make it very hard for him out here on the practice field. I heard a rumor that some people reported we've made it hard to him on the field. That's on purpose. That's how you build a quarterback and he's coming."


The Dolphinzs returned to the practice field Sunday for a relatively light two hour practice. There were no 11 on 11 drills.

Cornerback Cortland Finegan was not present after posting on Instagram of a death in his family. Defensive tackle A.J. Fancis did not practice because he has a left knee injury and will miss multiple days.


Running backs are dropping like flys for the Dolphins.

Daniel Thomas (hamstring) and Damien Williams (unreported injury) did not practice Sunday. And halfway through the practice, Mike Gillislee suffered some sort of knee injury. Gillislee stayed on the sideline with his left knee wrapped until the end of the drills.


Jason Fox, who has been working as a backup left tackle, left practice accompanied by trainers.

The depth at left tackle is suspect already. Any significant injury to Fox would likely force the team move Nate Garner back to backup LT.