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Bench Ryan Tannehill? Study the possibility

On the bright side, Ryan Tannehill didn't miss any deep throws today. The Dolphins didn't really try but one but at least there wasn't that troubling moment where he overthrows an open receiver. That's the good news.

The bad news is Tannehill is on pace for career lows in completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passer rating. That according to the math skills of The Herald's Adam Beasley.

Me? I'm right up to the line but not ready to pull the trigger on a quarterback change. Consider it at least, I say in my column in Monday's newspaper.

I also discuss ways to deal with the head coach, the offense, the defense, the lack of consistency, in short many of the problems that have the Dolphins at 1-2 now.

Please read the column.

Anyway, this is what Tannehill had to say Sunday afterward:

(What was the most frustrating part of the performance today?) – “I thought we struggled all game. The most frustrating part was [that it was a] five point game in the fourth quarter and we didn’t come out on top. Do I feel confident at that point that we were going to win the game? And even when they scored again, I still felt like we had a shot. We just didn’t get it done.”

(What do you suspect is behind the slow starts in all three games you’ve had this year?) – “I don’t know, I don’t think it’s one thing. If you look back at New England, the turnovers slowed us down but we were moving the ball. Last week [against Buffalo] we didn’t get anything going and we had a slow start again this week so we’ve got to figure it out .”

(What happened on that drive where I think you were down six with second and one and then third and one? What was the thinking on that third and one? ) – “It was a play-action pass. We played it exactly like we thought we were going to play it. I had two crossers and no one was able to win so I was trying to buy some time and get a run through and I got sacked.”

(Did you see your check down, Daniel (Thomas) may have slipped a little, did you see him at all?) – “He’s supposed to be over the ball so I didn’t see him.”

(Are you worried now that its been three games in a row that you have not been at your top offensively? Are you worried that it’s not just one thing and it’s tough to overcome all of the mistakes you’ve made as a team?) – “Yes, I mean when you’re not getting things done, obviously it’s frustrating and it needs to be corrected. It’s still early in the season so I have confidence that we can get this thing turned around. But it has to happen now. I said that last week and we didn’t get it done. We’ve got another shot at it. We are going across the ocean play a big game in London for us and heading into the bye week. So we’ve have to be 2-2 at that point.”

(Is it the offensive system that’s still just not working? That’s it’s ultimately new (offensive system) for you guys, is that a factor at all?) – “I don’t think so. I think we had our opportunities to make plays. I think we rushed the ball decently well the entire game. [We] had opportunities in the passing game. Just couldn’t put the whole thing together.”

(If there were one or two things that you feel needs to be fixed or be improved; seems like a lot of things but what are some things specifically?) – “I think we need to keep the run game going and make the plays outside when we have the chance. Whether it’s a throw or it’s a drop or it’s protection. All those things are culminating right now and we’ve got to get them corrected.”

(Do you feel that in part of the game that you’re getting a real rhythm and it’s just not consistent enough?) – “It was a couple of drives where I felt like we were getting into a rhythm and then there was a penalty or something that would slow us down and take us out of our rhythm. We’ve got to be able to sustain that and sustain a long drive and we didn’t do that all night.”

(You were 4-of-15 on third down and that’s kind of an area where you’ve done well in past years. What do you think are some of the issues that are going on right now?) – “I don’t know, I’ve got to go take a look at the tape and get a clearer picture of it. I can’t tell you at this point.”

(Before the half you had a good drive down the field but there were two plays that took [around] :55 seconds. Did you feel like the time was getting away? I know you only had one timeout) – “We only had one timeout and Coach (Joe Philbin) said hang on to it as long as you can so I was letting him manage that. I know we took a long time on a couple of plays and we just got to get up and get set faster. I felt like we had plenty of time to go down and get a touchdown. We moved it down the field. We just didn’t put it in. If we had five more seconds, we would have took a shot at the end zone and hopefully scored.  But it didn’t happen.”

(How does this football team regroup and get themselves headed in the direction that you need to head in?) – “We just have to take a step back, take a deep breath and look at it for what it is. Fix the things that need to get fixed across all phases of football team. We’re not playing well as a team right now. We’re not complimenting each other on [both] sides of the ball [and] special teams. We need to get that corrected and we need to correct it fast.”

(It seems like in all phases of the game, offense, special teams, defense; a lot of good things that you could look at but on the flip side that were things that were done that didn’t help you win a football game) – “You’ve got to be consistent. That’s the NFL. You’ve got to make the plays. The other team is going to make plays. You just have to be able to make plays consistently and we didn’t do that.”

(The third-and-one situation; Can you take us through that? What you saw or what you didn’t see that you were you trying to get to) – “Play-action, two-man route. They covered us up pretty well. I was trying to buy some time and got sacked.”

(Is the confidence still there with the team? Or has it taken a little bit of a hit?) – “Obviously when you don’t play well you don’t feel good about it. But I’m still confident in the guys in that [locker] room that we can get it turned around. I like the guys that we have. I think we can win a lot of games with the guys in that locker room but we have to do it ASAP. We have to look at what it is and get the problems fixed now.”

(You came out in Buffalo in the second half and the first two drives were scoring drives in the hurry up. At the end of the first half [you were in] the hurry up and went all of the way down the field. Are you more comfortable in something like that? When you’re in the no-huddle or is that just a few drives?) – “I like it. I like playing in the no-huddle. I like getting the defense on their heels a little bit. At the same time we went no-huddle, I think it was in the third quarter and we didn’t move the ball at all. You have to be able to move the ball if you’re going to go no-huddle. Otherwise you put your defense in a bad spot.”

(What would you say to fans who think that this might be another Dolphins disappointing season and why should they have confidence its going to be better) – “It’s a long season. We’re only three games in. We have some problems right now but we have to correct it and correct it fast. We have some time to do that. Big game, like I said, traveling this week and then the bye week. It’s a long season. We’ve got a lot of football in front of us. We’re not giving up yet. No chance we’re giving up yet. We’ve got the players to do it. We just have to do it.”

(You and (Wide Receiver) Mike Wallace had issues getting the deep ball connected today. How do you move forward to fix that?) – “I don’t think we had an issue. I think we only threw one pass deep [and there was] a collision. I had to skip the pocket, he had a double move and the guy [collided with] him. Thought we could get a pass interference if I put it, the safety was coming across the top when I scrambled. I’m not going to throw a pick in that situation but since I was out of the pocket, the defense is allowed to contact the receiver and we didn’t get the call.”