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Dan Fouts: Matt Moore 'wouldn't be a bad idea'

Dan Fouts and his beard will serve as the color analysts of the Dolphins vs. Raiders matchup in London for CBS. And as such, both will talk to the coaches and selected players from each team to get insight on the teams for the broadcast.

But Fouts already has a ready formed opinion on the game. For Fouts this game's biggest matchup is primarily about one thing:

"The biggest matchup is who has the hotter seat: {Miami's] Joe Philbin or [Oakland's] Dennis Allen," Fouts said. "It is that time of the year when fans and the media start to look at teams that are not doing well and speculate on the futures of not only coaches, but the quarterbacks as well.

"With Ryan Tannehill in Miami you’ve got a quarterback who has been very inconsistent.  People want to know should they go to Matt Moore at this point. Joe Philbin said yesterday that everything is on the table. So that means we might see Matt Moore. At 1-2 and with your team not playing very well, your quarterback inconsistent in a new offense and you have a veteran quarterback who’s had success in the league, this probably wouldn’t be bad idea. 

"Fortunately for the Dolphins they are playing a team that is struggling as well at 0-3."

Interesting. It is one thing when fans or legitimate media say that a switch at quarterback might be warranted. We have no playing experiencing to speak of. But when a former quarterback and a Hall of Fame one at that suggests it might be a good idea? Well, that adds some legitimacy to the idea.

What does Fouts think of the Raiders?

"They have to start running the ball better," Fouts said. "Hopefully Maurice Jones-Drew is able to play and give them a one-two punch with Darren McFadden.  I’m anxious to watch the young quarterback Derek Carr play. I think that he has all the tools, but he is just getting into his fourth game as an NFL quarterback.  If they can run the ball and the proverbial, “Take the pressure off” the young quarterback, then they have a shot."