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Lazor to Tannehill: Get better fast

The Dolphins blew out the Patriots on Sunday (did that really happen?) but in listening to Dolphins offensive coordinator Bill Lazor discuss the performance of quarterback Ryan Tannehill you get the feeling the coach wasn't too pleased with the player.

Lazor today was asked about Tannehill during his weekly press conference. That's nothing out of the ordinary as the offensive coordinator was asked about half a dozen offensive players.

But Lazor held the most critical comments about all of them for Tannehill.

“My number one feeling is that we better get better fast, particularly in the passing game," Lazor said. "I feel like there were a lot of plays that we should have made and didn’t make. Some might have been the throw or the decision. Some were the drop. I think a lot of them were easy to see if you were watching the game on TV and so I don’t think that’s a surprise.

"I think we are going to have to be better to win tighter games. We are going to have to be more productive in the passing game when the plays are there. They were there and we didn’t make them. It’s going to be a real clear message that we’ve got to get better."

Tannehill has got to get better alright. He completed 18 of 32 passes for 178 yards with 2 TDs and I INT. His quarterback rating was 79.9.

But as Lazor referenced and you saw on television if you watched, Tannehill threw multiple passes behind receivers -- some were caught while others were not. And he missed Mike Wallace on two passes that would have been touchdowns but were overthrown.

He had another pass to Wallace that would have forced the open receiver to come down with both feet in bounds for the score to happen. Wallace didn't do it. I put that one on Wallace moreso than Tannehill. But even that pass could have been better.