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Miami Dolphins lose to Chiefs: Terrible

There is nothing about this loss that offers hope that this season can be salvaged.

The Chiefs were winless coming into Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins. And the Chiefs left South Florida with their first win, a 34-15 pasting that had Miami fans leaving early. The ones who stayed past the four-minute mark left in the game, sadly a minority, booed their own team.

The offense was inconsistent today. It showed an ability to run the ball. It did good work in the two-minute drill before halftime.

But it scored one TD. One.

And that came after the offense got the ball at the K.C. 19 yard line to start its drive.

The defense was inconsistent. It kept the team in it with a safety and the Chiefs had a handful of three-and-outs. But the Chiefs dinked and dunked (much like Buffalo did last week) their way to 34 points -- the most allowed by Miami all season.

Look, I know you are Dolphins fans. I know you want to believe things will improve. I know you want to defend your coach. I know you want to believe you have an elite quarterback.

Things being on their present course, I don't see how any of that is possible.

And you have to understand the Chiefs did this without Eric Berry on defense or Jamaal Charles on offense -- arguably their best players on each side.

This is the kind of uneven performance, at home, against a winless team, that puts kindling underneath a coach's seat and sets a flame aglow.

The hotseat is officially smoking under Joe Philbin, folks.