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New drug policy may not bring great news for Dolphins

The NFL is working with the NFL Players' Association on a new drug policy that will cut the suspension of some players who violated the old policy on performance enhancing drugs. The Dolphins have two such players -- safety Reshad Jones and defensive end Dion Jordan -- suspended under that policy.

But multiple sources told The Miami Herald that Jordan will not have his suspension revoked once the new policy is announced as agreed to. The announcement on a new policy is expected soon.

Those same sources were not in agreement whether Jones would be returned to the Dolphins active roster.

It is possible both players will have to finish their full four-week suspensions, two weeks of which they have already served.

It is unclear why Jordan is not eligible to return when approximately a dozen players are going to be allowed to return before their full suspensions are served.

Under the old policy, players violating the performance enhancing drugs policy were suspended upon their first violation. Under the new policy, they join players who test positive for recreational drugs under the same umbrella. And those players are remanded to counseling and more tests on their first violation.

The NFLPA negotiated that most players suspended under the old performance enhancing drugs policy have their suspensions voided and be addressed under the new policy.