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Miami Dolphins consider QB change

The Miami Dolphins are considering a quarterback change this week.

A change is not certain but coaches are meeting this afternoon to weigh whether benching starter Ryan Tannehill in favor of reserve Matt Moore is the right decision to make in the run up to Sunday's game against the Oakland Raiders, multiple sources are saying.

Coach Joe Philbin dodged multiple questions today on the topic. When asked  if Tannehill will start against the Raiders next Sunday, he declined on every single occasion to say Tannehill would continue to be Miami's quarterback.

Instead, Philbin said he and his coaches will decide on the "46 best players" to help the Dolphins win a game.

"We're going to choose the best 46 guys we think will help us win a football game and we're going to go from there," Philbin said.

I asked the coach if his refusal to answer the question directly thus leaves Tannehill twisting in the wind publicly and he stuck to his guns.

“I’m going to stick with the answer that I’ve given," Philbin said. "That’s what I’ve done since I’ve gotten here and that’s the answer I’m sticking to.”

Offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was asked if he had any doubt Tannehill would be his starter on Sunday and was more conclusive than Philbin. "No," he said before continuing, "Is there any doubt I'll be the offensive coordinator?"

But then he said, "We rent these seats ..."

So what is the truth? The Dolphins are considering a quarterback change today. If coaches deem a quarterback competition this week the right course, I suppose that will happen. Philbin was asked about such a practice competiton.

His answer?

“We are going to choose the 46 guys that we think can help us win the football game," he repeated a third time during a 10-minute press conference. "And we are going to go from there. That’s the starting point and we are going to utilize the players the best way we feel fit.”

It is also possible in considering a change, the coaches will decide sticking with Tannehill is the right course of action.

But neither decision has been made as of this moment. Tannehill may or may not start Sunday. It is no longer a given.