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Philbin: No excuse for Hartline penalty

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin was quite unhappy about Brian Hartline's golf putt celebration after his third quarter touchdown Sunday.

Down 14-3, the Dolphins got the ball at the Kansas City 19 yard line on a fumble recovery by Derrick Shelbyfour plays later quarterback Ryan Tannehill threw a 1-yard TD pass to Brian Hartline. But Hartline immediately doused the flame of his own signature moment  by picking up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty because he and a group of other teammates celebrated with a golf putt re-enactment.

The act was considered an orchestrated celebration.

That is a no-no. It has been against the rules for years, dating back to the Fun Buch celebrations by the Washington Redskins.

So the Dolphins kick off from their 20 instead of their 35. The Chiefs, riddled with poor field position most of the game, take advantage by starting at their 34 and then marching 66 yards in 10 plays for a 21-10 lead.

So the Dolphins were within a whisker after the Hartline touchdown and then someone does something uncalled for and the defense droops in the face of Kansas City’s constant dinking and dunking.

“I can’t make any excuses,” Philbin said of the Hartline penalty. “ I’m disappointed. I’m extremely disappointed. It’s uncharacteristic of us. I don’t think we’ve had one [before]. It’s a poor reflection on me. It’s not good.”