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Games easier than practice? So far

My column today expands on how the Dolphins have begun this season with a different attitude and approach that many people are noticing both in the league, in the locker room and in ownership.

It has significance if it continues.

So please check out the column.

I talk about where that attitude comes from and from whom. But one thing not mentioned is the manner in which the Dolphins have been working in practice and the expectations coaches, particularly assistants, have for these players.

You'll remember last week, after the Dolphins beat the Patriots 33-20, offensive coordinator Bill Lazor was asked how he viewed the performance by quarterback Ryan Tannehill. His answer? "...We better get better fast..."

How does that compare with past offensive coordinator Mike Sherman who talked about how "great" Mike Wallace played a game last year in which he caught three passes for 59 yards without a TD? Wallace greeted that comment with a look that suggested Sherman had a horn growing out of his forehead.

This year?

“We work so hard every single day at practice," Wallace told me this week. "We actually have guys tongues hanging out at practice. And for us to work so hard at practice makes the game kind of easy. I’m not saying our opponents are easy. But the tempo and how hard our coaches work us, it makes the game tempo easier and slower because we’ve seen it all. We’ve been in every situation in practice. We go through so many situations at practice everyday that no matter what happens in the game we believe we can overcome it.

"Even at halftime (against New England) when we were losing that game, I tell you there was not one guy who looked down or looked like he was worried. We had confidence in our abilities. We knew the reason they had points was our fault. I’ve been on a lot of teams but the confidence we had was great to see. It was like we’ve been here before. We’re not worried about it. We had each other’s back.

"Our team is on another level right now as far as comaraderie and guys being together."

That does not mean the Dolphins win today. Or any week.

But it means this team is better knit than past teams and apparently more prepared to withstand stress and adversity -- such as trailing New England at halftime, or traveling to Buffalo.

Today's crowd will be geeked. They started tailgating Saturday in the parking lots. Jim Kelly will be here. Recently inducted Hall of Famer Andre Reed will be here. The town is celebrating a sale of the team that will keep the team in Buffalo.

And the Bills are 1-0.

And they swept the Dolphins last year.

So let's see.

All the active players on the Dolphins roster traveled with the team, even the injured ones. Dion Jordan and Reshad Jones are not on the active roster. They did not travel and are not playing as a deal on a new drug policy between the NFL and players' union has still not been completely agreed to.

Come back later for the live blog.