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Miami Dolphins DE Dion Jordan: 'I'm drug free'

Dion Jordan talked to the press for the first time since he began serving his initial suspension (for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances) and the first time since being popped and saddled with a second suspension (for violating the NFL substance abuse policy). The interview session was a mixed bag.

He declined to admit he underwent treatment at a rehab facility, although that's exactly what happened. But he was unequivocal in telling you -- Dolphins fans everywhere -- you should feel confident about one thing:

"I think they should be confident I'm drug free," Jordan said. "Yes, I'm very confident."

Jordan also admited "I made a mistake."

Well, that's good.

Jordan was not quite so direct when asked if he underwent treatment at a rehabilitation facility.

"Man, honestly, I had to take time for myself," Jordan said when asked to confirm his stint in rehab. "That's what I did. I wasn't able to be around the guys so my whole thing was go back and be around people familiar to me who keep me grounded. That's what I did and I stayed in shape and I'm thankful that once I got back the Miami Dolphins everyone within the organization took me in and allowed me to get back into my normal routine so when it was time to step on the field I was back to where I was."


Anyway, Jordan doesn't think now that he's back he's getting something of a second chance.

"I can't call it that," Jordan said. "I'm not looking back at what happened. It's no point in me doing that. I'm moving on and that's all I can do. I  have the ability to contribute to this organization and that's what I'm going to do."

Jordan does believe he "bettered myself" and "came back with a clear mind" and "took care of my business." Bottom line, Jordan feels he's in good surroundings now.

 "It feels really good to be back and get back into the swing of things and being around my teammates; getting back to my normal routine and what I'm used to," he said.