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Ryan Tannehill: No problems with Bill Lazor

Maybe Bill Lazor's approach is getting on some nerves around the Miami Dolphins training facility just as it got on Philadelphia quarterback Nick Foles at times last year. But Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill says his relationship with the coach is good. 

“It’s good," Tannehill said Wednesday. "I think he does a good job of creating a game plan for us, putting us in positions to make plays during the game with his play calling. I think our relationship has definitely grown as the season has gone on.

"I’ve gotten to know him more and his personality more and we’ve gotten more on the same page on not only football stuff, but just joking around with each other as well.”

Lazor is apparently a hard-charger behind the scenes and we've known that for a while because last year while he was the quarterback coach for the Philadelphia Eagles he and Foles "occasionally butted heads over the coach's intensity," according to this Philadelphia Inquirer report.

Last week, more questions about Lazor's approach came to light in an NFL.com report that characterized the Miami offensive coordinator's relationship with players as "rocky." The report refered to Lazor's "abrasive tenor."

Lazor has since danced around the issue of his relationship with players. So has coach Joe Philbin, who said he's asked coaches to be "demanding but not demeaning."

This, by the way, should be kind of a big deal for the Dolphins organizationally because last year's harassment scandal painted some coaches in a very poor light relative to their relationship with some players. It cost some people their jobs.

On the other hand, players (adult men) should be mature enough to overcome somebody being a meanie pie to them.

But whatever Lazor's relationship with other players, he has apparently found an ally in Tannehill -- at least for now -- because Miami's quarterback has very thick skin.

I asked Tannehill today if he has gotten his feelings hurt by any of Lazor's criticisms or critiques.

“No, that’s his job to push us and to make us better players," Tannehill said. "If he’s letting things slide under the table, then he’s not doing his job to make us the best that we can be. So I think he does a good job of constantly pushing us."

I know some of you will believe Tannehill has to defend Lazor, even cover for him, because that is his coach. Well, I remind you that's not how Tannehill has shown himself to be. When the quarterback was peeved Joe Philbin "caused a distraction" by not telling everyone who the starting quarterback against Oakland would be, Tannehill had no trouble saying so.

And Philbin is higher up the organizational totem pole than Lazor.

So if Tannehill didn't mind putting Philbin on blast (Look, I'm hip), I have to believe he would do the same if Lazor was getting under his skin.