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Merry Christmas: Gifts all around!

This Christmas Day the Miami Dolphins will be working in the afternoon. They're still about the business of preparing for the season-finale against the Jets.

This blog is about the business of eating turkey and dressing and mashed potatoes and ... well, you get the drift.

I'm also about the business of handing out Christmas gifts for the Dolphins as is the holiday tradition here.

The gifts:

 A return to his more familiar and productive center position for Mike Pouncey.

A return to his more familiar and productive right tackle position for Ja'Wuan James.

A return for Branden Albert.

An extra gear for Jarvis Landry to make him elite.

One thousand yards for Lamar Miller. (He needs 79 yards to hit the mark).

Four thousand yards and 30 TDs for Ryan Tannehill. (He needs 214 yards and four TDs).

An interception for Cortland Finnegan. It would be nice for him to have at least one if this is indeed going to be his last NFL season, as he previously hinted.

An ephiphany for coaches who think Dion Jordan is a 4-3 DE.

A switch to strongside linebacker -- his more natural position -- for Dion Jordan.

A full and speedy recovery for 13 players on injured reserve.

The freedom to speak his mind for Don Jones.

A clear head and full recovery for Nate Garner.

Exponential improvement and another step toward the big time for the seven men on the practice squad.

A couple of great offensive linemen dropped in Dennis Hickey's lap next draft. Also, a cornerback and a running back and maybe a complete blocking and seam threat tight end.

Continued agreement and peace between Hickey and Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte.

A united and correct decision on a Tannehill extension (one-year or multi-year deal) for the Dolphins braintrust. We've seen wrong decisions lead to buyer's remorse in more than one NFL city.

Deep ball accuracy for Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace.

A drink from the fountain of youth for Cameron Wake.

The gift of inspiration for Philbin -- which he can use to inspire his team and improve his messaging.

Personality butter for Bill Lazor -- to smooth out some of the gruff edges.

The realization by this organization that choir boys usually belong in church not on a football team.

The acceptance by this organization that sometimes great talent comes in terribly imperfect packages and a couple such additions can be managed. Because, let's face it, most great teams have had some bad boys on them.

A sudden and inexplicable desire by Ndamukong Suh and Darrelle Revis to play for the Dolphins next year. Cheap.

For the man who has everything, an ephiphany for owner Stephen Ross: Joe Robbie's teams went to three Super Bowls his first eight years as owner without any "consultants" or shadowy confidants. You have a legion of consultants and confidants and your teams have not visited the playoffs at all your first six years as owner. Listen to the people on the payroll, most of all Tom Garfinkel and Dan Marino.

More talent, more talent, more talent for an organization whose best hope for winning is to have more talent than anybody else.

More talent, more talent, more talent for this writer whose best hope for putting two sentences together is a supernatural touch from his Savior.

More peace, more love, more joy for all of you. Always.

Merry Christmas.