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Coyle: Giving up 277 rush yards was 'like a bad dream'

You know the Miami Dolphins run defense was flattened for a second consecutive week by a team bent on running the football.

The Dolphins gave up 201 rushing yards against Denver and then 277 rushing yards against the New York Jets Monday night and that was "like a bad dream," Miami defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle said today.

Coyle said stats could be twisted any number of ways. He said the rush yards allowed is an issue, primarily because he said there were too many missed tackles. But Coyle also pointed out, "at the end of the day, we gave up only 13 points."

That's good. But it won't be good enough against Baltimore, the Dolphins' opponent on Sunday at Sun Life Stadium.

The Ravens obviously have an ability to run because they are the NFL's No. 5 ranked rushing team. (The Jets are the NFL's No. 2 ranked rushing team).

And, yes, the Dolphins were better against the run in the second half Monday night. Coyle said he made adjustments at halftime and the Dolphins gave up 67 rushing yards after allowing 210 in the first half.

But here's the problem: Once the Dolphins set eight guys in the box, and even seven guys against three wide receiver sets, the Jets could not throw the football. The Jets simply stink at passing.

The Ravens do not.

The Ravens are able to run and pass. They have a more complete offense with a quarterback who is a veteran and can beat you passing as well as handing off. So stacking the box against him will not work the way it worked against Geno Smith.

If the Dolphins have to resort to stacking the box against Baltimore, that team will respond the way Denver responded: Letting the quarterback throw.

The point is the Dolphins have to find a way to fix what the Broncos and Jets exposed as a weakness in the run defense when they are in base. They have six days to do it.