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Rex Ryan as Miami Dolphins defensive coordinator?

My column today explains defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle's status with the Miami Dolphins and tells you about the decline of the Dolphins defense this year.

And, no, I don't believe the New York Jets today will light up the Dolphins because, well, have you been paying attention to the New York Jets offense? But the evidence of trouble for this Dolphins defense was presented already and often this season.


I'd try to hire Rex Ryan as Miami's defensive coordinator. Frankly, I would have tried to hire Rex Ryan as the head coach with Bill Lazor as the offensive coordinator and Dennis Hickey remaining as GM. But that's just me. I wouldn't stand still amid mediocrity, if I were an NFL owner.

And six years out of the playoffs, three by this coach is, well, mediocre.

But that's not reality. The real owner has decided the head coach is staying. And now he has a decision to make on, among other things, who will be his defensive coordinator.

Why not Rex Ryan?

Ryan is expecting to be fired as Jets coach, per multiple reports. Duh. He himself his missed the playoffs four consecutive years. But anyone that knows the NFL, understands Ryan is a gifted defensive coach.

So why not  hire him at Kevin Coyle's replacement?

Well there are obstacles. Firstly, another team might hire him as coach. Television might hire him as an analyst. And, Joe Philbin and Ryan don't seem to be a good match based on Ryan's free and open personality and Philbin's more, shall we say, stoic approach to things.

Rex, being Rex, last week opened the door to the possibility by publicly lubing up Philbin and the Dolphins on his conference call with the South Florida media when he was asked his thoughts on Philbin returning.

"He’s a (heck) of a football coach," Ryan said, using a word other than heck. "So, obviously Miami made a great decision bringing him back. I can tell you going against him, that’s a heck of a football team and that’s a really well-coached team. No surprise that he’s back. He’s one of the better coaches in the league and I’m really happy for him."

Philbin was complimentary of Ryan as well during the week.

So is this a thing? Can Rex Ryan come to the Dolphins as their defensive coordinator?

Doubtful at this stage.

But it is not beyond possibility that Miami has an opening. Personally, I'd do it in a heartbeat.