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2015 Draft day: Possibilities everywhere

The 2015 NFL draft begins in earnest this evening and the Miami Dolphins should be on the clock sometime around 10:20 p.m. And although the Dolphins (and five other teams) come to this draft with only six picks -- tied for the fewest -- the local club is awash with possibilities.

Here are some scenarios that are possible tonight:

1. Louisville's DeVante Parker, considered the draft's third best wide receiver prospect, lasts until the Dolphins pick at No. 14 overall in the first round. And the team that believes him a value at that spot picks him.

2. Despite depth in the WR class that will last into the third round, the Dolphins understand that Parker is likely to be picked before No. 14 and have other plans. Those plans can include trying to move up to get Parker. Or doing nothing and hoping Parker falls -- which, as I've reported, is a gamble because multiple scouts have told me he'll be gone before No. 14 with the Rams (10), Minnesota (11) and Cleveland (12) being pressure points for the pick.

3. If Parker is picked and the Dolphins remain at No. 14 because they deemed moving up too costly (remember they don't have a surplus of picks) then there are multiple players that will interest Miami. Those players:

A. Todd Gurley. The Georgia running back is a "top 7-10 pick all day long" if he were not recovering from reconstructive knee surgery so he would clearly be a value at No. 14 for Miami. Multiple mock drafts have the Dolphins picking Gurley. I have the Dolphins picking Gurley. I want the Dolphins to pick Gurley. 


World class speed -- he returned kickoffs for the Bulldogs -- in a 6-1 and 224-pound frame. He was productive. He played at the highest level of the college game against top competition. And he's a good person, according to multiple sources, which is important.

Look, the Dolphins are picking No. 14. An elite prospect is there, they should pick that prospect and start working on the second round. Period. Dare to be great.

Interestingly, if the Dolphins decide running back is a luxury because offensive coordinator Bill Lazor uses them only 10-15 times a game far as we've seen, they can auction the pick for the right to pick Gurley.

San Diego, picking No. 17 and needing a running back, might be a partner. The Chargers might also try to get ahead of the Miami for fear the Dolphins might pick the running back.

At any rate, do not be surprised if the Dolphins come away with a running back at some point in this draft.

4. If Gurley and Parker are gone or if Parker is gone and the Dolphins are going to pick for need rather than best available player, then the pick might be at cornerback. The Dolphins value Wake Forest cornerback Kevin Johnson.

Why is cornerback a need? The team has no proven asset to start opposite Brent Grimes. Jamar Taylor is inconsistent when he's healthy and even at that, he's rarely healthy. Same for Will Davis. So who exactly is going to win that spot?

Remember: Last season, general manager Dennis Hickey picked to address the team's greatest need in the first round. He picked for need.

5. An NFL source insisted to me Wednesday that the Dolphins are high on Breshad Perriman from UCF. This was echoed by a source close to Perriman. All that may be true, but at No. 14? Seems high to me.

6. In trade-back scenarios into the late teens or 20s, watch for LSU's La'el Collins as a guard prospect despite the swirling issue surrounding him. Watch for U-Conn cornerback Byron Jones. Personally, I like Laken Tomlinson, the Duke guard -- and I don't mean point or shooting.

I predict this draft will see trades galore. Teams are looking to unload players while adding picks.

The Dolphins were looking to trade Dion Jordan but, um, well, that's ruined.

San Francisco is reportedly making OG Alex Boone available. Expensive. A rental unless he's signed to a contract extension.

Philadelphia is making their entire roster available. OK, maybe not the entire roster. But cornerback Brandon Boykin is available. OG Evan Mathis is available -- although the Dolphins have shown no interest. And ILB Mychal Kendricks, which makes sense for the Dolphins, is available. The asking price is expected to be a mid-round pick for each of these players, although the Eagles are asking for better than that.  

The one that should interest is Kendricks. I believe he would be an upgrade over Koa Misi at MLB and it allows the Dolphins to move Misi back outside where he is probably more comfortable and has more experience.

There were reports the Bears are making TE Martellus Bennett available. This is a move that would be hard to fathom for Miami because he wants a new contract (read big new money) atop the draft pick it would require to get him.

NOTE: Come back throughout the day and during the entire draft for updates and newsy tidbits and insight and, well, you get the drift.