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Dolphins preseason schedule here (free)

The NFL today announced its preseason schedule for 2015. Sort of.

We have the games ...

The Dolphins play at Chicago the week of Aug. 13-17.

The Dolphins play at Carolina the week of Aug. 20-24.

The Dolphins host Atlanta the week of Aug. 27-30.

The Dolphins host Tampa Bay the week of Sept. 3-4.

The team will not be on national television during the preseason. The Jaguars, Bills, Raiders, Bucs, Rams and Browns will be on national TV in the preseason but not the Dolphins.

So why is this only a partial release? Well, notice neither dates nor game times are set yet. Those are still being worked out among some teams.

And so we have this.

The regular season schedule should come out in the next two weeks.