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Fake GM Salguero's first two picks for the Dolphins in the NFL draft

Were I the general manager of the Miami Dolphins, my first two selections in this week's NFL draft would be set.

Yes, I want a cornerback because it is a passing league and my team needs a starter opposite Brent Grimes. Yes, I want a guard because I'll soon be investing multiple millions of dollars on quarterback Ryan Tannehill and part of that investment should include, you know, not letting him get beaten up every game day.

But at No. 14 I take all that into consideration and pick Georgia running back Todd Gurley if he is there.

And in the second round, I again take all that into consideration and pick Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley.

Why the Bulldog love?

The answer is right here.

Gurley and Conley share a common thread that goes beyond the fact both are elite athletes, college teammates, premier players and outstanding NFL prospects. That thread is something the Dolphins missed when they picked Dion Jordan in the first round in 2013.

Let me give you a hint: Beyond reproach off the field.

Which means they're going to be on the field and not suspended or in jail or in drug rehabilitation.

That's what I would do. Are the Dolphins likely to do it starting Thursday evening?

Well, I know for a fact how they feel about these two players. So we'll see.