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Dolphins dip toe in the water on Wes Welker

I love Wes Welker.

I respect that he is a small man (5-foot-9) in a big man's game and has overcome that size disparity. I love that he plays with fire and passion. I love that when other people and teams told him he wasn't good enough, he fought on and proved he is good enough.

I also love that he is a good leader, excellent in the locker room, willing blocker, and that he conducted the most genius press conference I've ever seen by an NFL player.

(More on that press conference in a minute).

But ...

... What are the Dolphins thinking by hosting him as a free agent today?

What is the point?

Welker, 33, is a slot wide receiver. He was a slot wide receiver when he played for the Dolphins back in 2004-06. He was a slot wide receiver for the Patriots for six seasons. He was a slot wide receiver for the Denver Broncos the past two seasons.

In and out of his prime, Wes Welker is a slot wide receiver.

And the Dolphins have a very good slot wide receiver in Jarvis Landry, who is about to start his second NFL season.

So what is the point of Wes Welker?

The Dolphins need an outside receiver and unless they've definitely decided to go outside receiver in the NFL draft's first round -- likely with Louisville's DeVante Parker -- thus making Welker the slot backup to Landry, this one puzzles.

There is, I grant you, also the possibility the Dolphins believe Landry can transition to playing outside. That's a possibility but, um, Landry's (lack of) breakaway speed is not exactly best suited for that. In that instance, it would be Landry and Kenny Stills on the outside with Welker in the slot and a rookie (probably drafted later) vying for snaps as the season wears on.

It doesn't quite seem as solid an idea as having Greg Jennings -- younger, faster and last year more productive than Welker -- on the team. Alas, both Jennings and Michael Crabtree visited the Dolphins prior to Welker's visit.

Neither has signed with Miami or anyone else.

So this one kind of hangs out there with questions.

 Speaking of questions, Wes Welker took plenty during a 2011 press conference that was timed after a story about Rex Ryan and his connections to a foot fetish and certain "clubs" made national headlines. Yeah, google or bing it. Suffice to say it was unseemly.

And Welker decided to use his press conference to poke the bear. He made 11 references to feet during the presser. Eleven!

"Put best foot forward."

Be "on your toes."

He has "good feet."

Had "my foot up in the air."

It was ... a work of art. Understated. Well thought out. Excellently executed. Alas, no-fun-having Bill Belichick didn't appreciate it. He thought Welker stuck his foot in his mouth and Welker was disciplined.

The New England coach obviously didn't appreciate genius. I do.