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Melvin Gordon to visit Dolphins next week

Player visits make my eyes glaze over because sometimes they matter and often they don't. They are a way to fill space mostly and give you something to discuss.

But today's report from the Fort Worth Star Telegram that Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon is scheduled to visit the Dolphins April 22 (a Wednesday) opens eyes.

Firstly, the fact the Dolphins are looking at a running back and, obviously a first-rounder, speaks to the idea that the team that looked the other way on the running back position during free agency is thinking about upgrading that position in the draft.

That's good because this draft is considered a good one for running backs.

Secondly, it is clear that the team is doing intense study on Gordon, and likely other running backs, because maybe, just maybe, the idea of adding a wide receiver or cornerback in the first round is a good one -- but circumstance may not allow it.

What circumstance?

Everyone knows the Dolphins like Alabama's Amari Cooper, West Virginia's Kevin White and Louisville's DeVante Parker. Many also believe Cooper and White will be gone before the Dolphins pick and one scout told me this week he thinks Parker will be gone by No. 14 as well.

So what do the Dolphins do if the top three WR prospects are off the board at No. 14?

Cornerback. Maybe Michigan State's Trae Waynes. Maybe LSU's Jalen Collins.

Waynes is worthy of a No. 14 pick. The question is would Collins be worthy that high?

If he is, the Dolphins pick him. The team showed last draft with Ja'Wuan James that it has no issue picking a player in the first round most pundits don't believe is worthy of a first-round pick.

But to gauge that, to make that decision, the Dolphins would have to weigh a Collins versus other players equal or perhaps more worthy of that pick. They would have to weigh players at other positions worthy of that pick to see if they are more worthy, thus offering more value.

Thus ...

Melvin Gordon's visit.