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Ndamukong Suh present for Miami Dolphins offseason program

One of the recurring frustrations for the Detroit Lions while Ndamukong Suh was with that team was his penchant for skipping the offseason program.

He preferred to stay home and work out with a personal trainer.

His preferences have changed, apparently.

I'm told Suh is present and accounted for on the first day of the Miami Dolphins offseason program on Monday. So not only is he attending, which he rarely did in Detroit, but he's in for Day One.

Joe Philbin was previously non-committal about Suh attending when the coach was asked about at the NFL owners meetings.

“Yeah, we talked. We’ll see how things go and we’ve talked," Philbin said at the time. "He knows how important the offseason program is. We’ve had great attendance at our offseason program every year. That being said, it’s voluntary and none of the players have to be at the offseason program until the mandatory minicamp."

Yeah, voluntary.

Philbin and the Dolphins obviously wanted Suh in their facility in Davie and working with his new teammates, at least in his first offseason after signing his six-year, $114 million contract. It simply is a better look when the team's highest-paid player seems enthusiastic about the assignment of the day.

The offseason program starts with strength work. Suh doesn't need that a lot. There is no onfield work from coaches for the first two weeks.

But the program is about building team chemistry as well as muscles and endurance. And In that regard, Suh is off to a good start.

He obviously understands that first impressions matter.