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New Miami Dolphins WR Greg Jennings: Team first over me first

Greg Jennings had choices and ultimately signed with the Miami Dolphins despite knowing the team might still add another wide receiver this offseason -- perhaps as early as the first round of next week's NFL draft.

What would be Jennings' reaction to that kind of addition?

"My reaction would be let's go!" Jennings said laughing. "I'm here. I'm a part of what's going on and what we have set. Whoever we draft and bring to Miami, I think all of us will embrace it and try to move forward with the team goals."

Indeed, Jennings struck a chord for a team-first approach during his conference call today. That is a departure from the approach taken by former Dolphins wide receiver Mike Wallace, who often complained behind the scenes he wasn't getting the football enough.

That private complaining spilled over into public when Wallace took himself out of a game last year because he wasn't happy about how he was being used. Joe Philbin reacted to the rest Wallace decided to take in the second quarter of the season finale by bench Wallace the remainder of the game.

Wallace also was upset he wasn't targeted enough in his first game with the Dolphins in 2013 -- a foreshadow of what would come during the two seasons he was with the team,

Jennings, 32 in September, comes to the Dolphins with solid career credentials (552 catches in nine seasons) but says he won't bring a diva approach to targets and catches and other statistics.

"That's going to be what it's going to be," Jennings said. "My job is to come down there with the expectation of competing, not with quote-unquote my counterparts and my teammates but with myself to better who I am as a player.

"That's always been my focal point ... I'm not concerned with everyone around me when it comes to what I bring to the table. I'm confident in my abilities and my talents and what it takes to get better. So when it comes to targets and opportunity, that will all come. I just want to make sure I'm doing my job to help the team win."

That would be a switch for Miami. The proof, however, is in the doing. If Jennings can do as he says, the Dolphins traded a me-first wide receiver for a team-first wide receiver.

"I personally don't feel I have anything to prove," Jennings said. "But in this arena, you have to prove what you can do and who you are every single time you step on that field. I've been fortunate to have had a great career and it's going to get better."