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QB contracts say Matt Moore place on Dolphins secure

When the Miami Dolphins signed former first-round pick and Tampa Bay Bucs starter Josh Freeman last Thursday there were questions about what that meant for the team's overall quarterback picture.

I reported, per sources, the Dolphins simply wanted to upgrade the No. 3 spot in that Freeman might be a better practice player than say, a Seth Lobato or a Pat Devlin.

But there were lingering questions whether Freeman, who did have that excellent 2010 season with 25 TDs and six INTs, could displace second-stringer Matt Moore on the roster.

The answer is ...

No, barring unforeseen circumstances such as a trade.

Moore is here for the duration of 2015, folks, because, according to the NFLPA records that came out today, his one-year deal with the Dolphins says as much. Moore got a $2.6 million deal that includes a $1.6 million signing bonus.

That assures Moore a spot on the team because the Dolphins aren't going to just cut him after giving him $1.6 million guaranteed. No NFL team gives a player 61 percent of his salary and then cuts him.

Freeman, on the other hand, comes to Miami with zero guarantee of being on the team. That is both literal and figurative.

Because he's struggled so mightily since 2012, being cut by three teams and being out of the league all of the 2014 regular-season, Freeman is considered a project, The Dolphins are simply taking a shot he might regain something lost.

But they aren't gambling their cap space because the team gave Freeman a one-year deal worth the veteran minimum (for him) of $765,000 with zero guaranteed money.

So the Dolphins can keep Freeman if he plays and practices well in the preseason. Or they can cut him before the regular season if he doesn't and pay nothing.

The best-case scenario for Miami?

Both Moore and Freeman ball in the preseason. Another team needs a quarterback badly and offers the Dolphins a draft pick for one of their backups. The Dolphins convert their signing of two quarterbacks this offseason into the addition of a good backup and perhaps a draft pick or some other compensation.