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Suspended Dion Jordan: 'I apologize'

Dion Jordan broke his silence this afternoon to speak about his year-long suspension from the NFL and Miami Dolphins following his violation of the league's substance abuse policy:

"I'm very disappointed that I will not be playing in the NFL in the 2015 season," Jordan said in a statement released on the NFLPA website. "Because of past positive tests and my status in the drug program, the consequence of dilute (not positive) tests is severe. I deeply regret putting myself in this position, and I apologize to my teammates and the Dolphins organization. I will use the time away from playing to finish my college degree. I will stay in excellent physical shape and look forward to returning to the NFL as soon as possible.  I’m deeply grateful to my family and friends for their continued support."

A few things:

An apology is good and so is accepting responsibility for one's own action. I note Jordan did not apologize to Dolphins fans who have been, at least until his latest misstep, invested in his success.

There's no mention of continuing drug therapy.

We'll see if Jordan's sorrow reaches heights where he'll be willing to give back at least a portion of his guaranteed monies.

Finally, Jordan was not in excellent shape when he came back from his six week suspensions (two weeks for performance enhancing violation, four weeks for substance abuse) last year. Reshad Jones was in excellent shape. Jordan took multiple weeks to get there.

Life goes on.