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Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill: Judge me on wins

 Welcome to Sunday. For you heathens not worshipping at a church nor at the temple of NFL football at Miami Dolphins camp, I offer you an interesting read:

My column on quarterback Ryan Tannehill

I encourage you to read it and see if the line that most stands out to you is the one that most stood out to me. The one that stood out to me?

Speaking about the ever-present deep ball issue, Tannehill said, “I’m giving guys a chance, and I think this receiving corps is going to be much better at coming down with those footballs.”

It has been said the remade Dolphins receiver room features players that are better suited to Tannehill and this offense. Maybe. We'll see.

But my hesitation on the subject doesn't matter because, well, Tannehill is buying in. He has no hesitation about these receivers.

"These guys are great at tracking the ball and going up to get it -- we'll have guys like DeVante Parker who is a big guy with a natural ability of going up and getting the ball if it's a contested throw. We have Greg [Jennings] who is a veteran, savvy route-runner who knows how to use his body. Kenny [Stills} is smooth, fast. We have guys who allow us to attack every part of the field."

Another issue I've seen about Tannehill is that, although his statistics have improved each of the past three seasons, the Dolphins record has not really tracked that rise. So much for the idea that if the Dolphins solved their quarterback issue, their problems were solved.

So why aren't they solved?

“I think one of the things that when you look at last season and why we ended up 8-8 was - I think his quarterback rating was 92-and-change and 66 percent completion, which are very solid numbers – I don’t know we, especially down the stretch, didn't complement each other well as a team," coach Joe Philbin said.

"One week, we play Baltimore and we have opportunities to go up in the fourth quarter and we wouldn’t make the play on offense and then we’d give up a big drive on defense. The next week, we go to New England, special teams - we get off to a bad start there. I don’t know that it’s just, as well all know, it’s a team game. Certainly, when your quarterback is in the 90s with the QB rating and a decent touchdown-to-interception ratio, and that kind of completion percentage, you hope you’re getting more. But I think it’s more a function of overall as a football team, we’ve got to do a better job complementing one another."

Interestingly, and not in the column due to space issues (which I do not suffer here in cyberspace), is that Tannehill wants to be judged on wins rather than passing stats.

"I'd like to be judged on wins," Tannehill said. "That's ultimately why you play the game. I don't play the game for passing yards or touchdowns. You play the game for wins and championships. If you win a lot of games the stats should come. But there's a lot of ways to win a game and not every game is going to be a 350-yard passing game, or a four-touchdown game. But as long as you get the win, that's what you're out there to do."

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