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Ndamukong Suh will continue to play a lot of snaps for the Dolphins

When one pays $114 million for a player who is used to playing between 80-85 percent of the snaps in a game, it makes sense that one will make the widest and wisest use of that player. And that's what the Miami Dolphins intend to do with Ndamukong Suh.

As the Dolphins today began preparations for the Washington Redskins game on Sunday, defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle was asked what the plan is for using Suh.

“Well, He’s a guy that is rare in the sense of he can play those kind of plays," Coyle said. "Most guys don’t have the conditioning, the athleticism, the mental toughness to play that many snaps at that demanding of a position. Throughout the league, very seldom do you see guys at that high number, you may see a few.

"But as long as he’s playing at a high level, we will pick and choose when we want to give him some breaks and certainly we will have that planned as we go into games. You want the 'Big Chief’ in there when the game is on the line and as you want our starters in there when we have to make plays. He plays more than most defensive linemen and I anticipate his numbers will still be fairly high."

That is interesting considering the Dolphins kept five defensive tackles on the roster. Most 4-3 teams keep four defensive tackles.

But as Suh is used to the high snap count, and anytime he's out the team is playing a lesser player, it seems wise to keep him in the game as long as he is capable. 

The Dolphins, it seems, may bring four tackles to the game and rotate mostly with Earl Mitchell -- the other starter. Jordan Phillips, C.J. Mosley, and A.J. Francis are the reserves battling for 1. Being active on game day and 2. Playing in reserve.