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Richie Incognito wants 'to give it to' the Miami Dolphins

The South Florida media by virtual consensus asked the Buffalo Bills for a chance to speak to Richie Incognito this week. Not gonna happen.

Regardless of whom you believe -- the Bills are saying Incognito didn't want to discuss his story or history in Miami at this time, while Incognito himself has texted some folks saying he's been muzzled by the Bills -- the conference call with Incognito is not happening.

Amazingly, however, we have Internet access and satellite feed access here in South Florida. It's a thing we have. So we've been able to see what Incognito said to the Buffalo media this week about his coming meeting with his old team.

"I think I’m personally motivated for every single game I play in. I’m juiced up; I’m amped up for every single game," Incognito said via Time Warner Cable News in Buffalo.  "This one just has a little more meaning. There’s obviously bigger things at play here. But for me, it’s just focusing, going down there, playing physical and playing tough football."

Obviously bigger things at play?

I would say so, considering the Dolphins jettisoned Incognito from the team's active roster midway through the 2013 season after fellow offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, fed up with what he said was harassing behavior by Incognito and others, threw a plate of spaghetti against a wall and left the team.

At first the Dolphins defended Incognito. Then they suspended him for conduct detrimental to the team. Then the Ted Wells investigation rolled into town and found what it intended to find. And Incognito was then not re-signed by Miami or anyone else all of 2014.

Incognito signed with Buffalo February 7, 2015 and has so far been a good citizen and good addition to the team. He's the starting left guard.

But, ironically, after initially playing the villain nationally, Incognito is more beloved by Miami fans than Martin, the alleged victim, ever was. And the recent Ted Wells report of the New England Patriots has in some weird way helped Incognito's reputation because the public is now aware the NFL's assigned independent investigator is perhaps not quite as independent and open to all sides of an investigation as previously believed.

So maybe, just maybe, Incognito wants to return to the Dolphins, play well, and show them they should have stuck with him amid his crisis of personality in 2013.

"I think it’s one of those things where in professional sports you kind of cross paths with one of your old teams, and you want to give it to them," he said.  "You want to play well and you want to come away with a win. Especially since I’m so close to some of those guys and have been competing with them for so long. It’s like a brotherly love. You want to kick your brother’s butt in anything you do so it’s going to be fun to go down there and compete with them."