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Back to football at Miami Dolphins camp

Back to football for a moment: The Miami Dolphins are back on the practice field and, not amazingly, things are still a little unsettled.

Cornerback Brent Grimes (sprained MCL in his knee) is not practicing today, although coach Dan Campbell said he ran around a bit today. Defensive end Cameron Wake (hamstring) did not seem to be active during the portion practice open to the media. And defensive tackle A.J. Francis also seemed not to be practicing.

Offensive tackle Branden Albert was working. That's good news as the team hopes the last three weeks off (two games and the bye) will have given him time to recover from his hamstring injury.

How much is about to change with new head coach Dan Campbell is an evolving issue. You've already heard the idea is to have more competitive practices, perhaps a bit more physical.

We'll see how that carries over to games.

The Dolphins will make tweaks on offense and defense but as of this morning, some players didn't know what those tweaks would be.

"It's only been a day as you know and this deep into the season you can't start from scratch," defensive end Derrick Shelby said. "But, you'll see, I guess when we see. Hopefully it's good things."

Campbell ordered a change in the locker stall layout starting today, based on the suggestion of assistant head coach (promoted today) Darren Rizzi. Players are now grouped by positions. Most players had their lockers changed.

A couple of players that did not have their stalls changed were defensive end Cameron Wake and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. Their layout remains the same and somewhat interesting in that it looks something like this:


                  Wake stall.....Empty stall....Empty stall....Empty stall....Empty stall....Suh stall.

That setup seems strange to me. Yes, these guys are vets and deserve some space. And they probably have a ton of equipment to stow. But four empty stalls between them?

Isn't there a rookie, like say Jordan Phillips, who might benefit from lockering next to one of these guys? These two men are supposedly leaders on the team. So they sit by themselves?

This is the way it has been since the start of the season. And I haven't really made a big deal about it because, frankly, I'm not sure it means that much to me.

But now that it obviously means that much to Campbell that he's having the entire locker room re-arranged, I think it bears reporting.