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Buster Skrine doesn't play on the Titans but they're going to be coming

Everyone who watched the Miami Dolphins in their London homes loss to the New York Jets saw cornerback Buster Skrine blitz the Miami offense time and time and time again.

It happened 22 times to be exact.

He came off the corner from the left side. He came off the corner from the right side. He blitzed. And blitzed. And blitzed. And blitzed.

And everyone in the stands saw it. And everyone in the press box saw it. And everyone at home probably saw it, too.

And the pertinent questions afterward was whether Ryan Tannehill saw it? Whether offensive coordinator Bill Lazor saw it? And if they did, why didn't Tannehill call a different protection at the line or audible to a different play or do something footballish that offenses do to not look helpless when the other guys are doing the same thing so much and having repeated success.

And NFL Network last week seemed to answer that question by saying Tannehill could not get out of the plays called before Skrine revealed himself because the Miami QB is not allowed to audible at the line of scrimmage.

That may be true to a degree. Apparently Tannehill indeed cannot change the play to another play at the line. At least he could not before now. But he is allowed within the parameters of the play called to pick from various options within that play to adjust things.

Seem clear?

Yeah, not to me either.

So I asked interim coach Dan Campbell if Tannehill can audible or do something to avoid us seeing more Buster Skrine-type nightmares on Sunday afternoon.

“I would say obviously we took a long look at that," Campbell said. "If anyone blitzes you that much, you’ve got to identify the problem of what’s going on. He’s had the ability to alter protections or re-idea if he felt he needed to because he understands the problems.

"Of course, Mike Pouncey does a good job of that too. He kind of sets the table. Ultimately, that’s a result of where we got in the game just of us not complementing each other. We got in a position of where we are behind significantly. The Jets know it. We’re trying to get the ball down the field and it’s just a bad formula. It’s something you don’t want to be in. There are things that we’ve addressed with that protection-wise.

"Maybe, we’ll keep another guy in there if it’ll help him. To be honest with you, we’d love to take as much off of Ryan as we can as far as that’s concerned. He can handle it. He’s a smart guy, but really we just want to (say), ‘Hey, here’s the point. Let’s play ball. If you’ve got to throw high, he’ll throw high. Got to throw a side? We’ll throw a side. Let’s play ball.’ Ultimately, hey, what’s the worst thing in the world? You’ve got to throw the ball to Jarvis Landry for three yards? Well, the guy is pretty dynamic. He can make people miss."

Ok, so it doesn't sound like Tannehill can audible. And it sounds like Pouncey is most responsible for setting protections, although I assume Tannehill is still the guy identifying the Mike linebacker. But apparently the Dolphins don't want Tannehill thinking too much before the snap of the football.

And so what does Tannehill say of this?

Not much.

“I’m not going to get into the specifics of our offense and exactly what we do," he said. "I feel great about our game plan each and every week. Obviously, coming off the bye, we’ve modified a few things and looked at areas where we can improve and we look to do that going forward."

My read: Tannehill couldn't audible in the true sense of the concept, which to me is a strange way to handle a fourth-year quarterback, before this week. So that's why the Jets made the Dolphins look so bad on that blitz. But I assume the Dolphins will be prepared the next time someone decides to run the same darn blitz a jillion times because they don't want to suffer the same embarrassment again -- especially after having two weeks to address the issue.

That's good because, well, the Titans are just the team that might want to try to do the same thing as what the Jets did. People unfamiliar with Tennessee should remember that Dick LeBeau is working there and he is credited by many for introducing the zone blitz to the NFL. The defensive coordinator is Ray Horton and it was his defense in Arizona in 2012 that brought the A-gap blitz against the Dolphins time and time and time again.

And so the Titans are predisposed to blitz and do it with the same look or player over and over. The question now is are the Dolphins, with a QB that hasn't been able to call conventional audibles, ready to handle it this time?