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Joe Philbin: Kevin Coyle is the defensive coordinator

LONDON -- Joe Philbin says he's not worried about his job security. And he's not worried about Kevin Coyle's job security because he has final say over whether the Dolphins keep or fire their defensive coordinator.

And Philbin says he's not firing Coyle.

As to his own status, Philbin isn't too worried, even following Sunday 27-14 loss to the New York Jets -- a game that sinks Miami's record to 1-3 and puts them deeper in the AFC East cellar.

"No, not at all," the coach said when he was asked about his job security. "I'm worried about getting this team straightened out, fixed and getting this team ready to play the Tennessee Titans."

The Dolphins play the Titans after the bye week. So Coyle survives the bye week?

"Kevin Coyle is our defensive coordinator," he said.

I asked him if he plans to keep it that way?

"Yeah," Philbin said.

Obviously the final decision on all this rests with owner Stephen Ross. Ross can fire Philbin if he wants. Or not.

And while Philbin has final authority -- according to his contract -- over the hiring and firing of his coaches, obviously the owner can ask him to make a move. That's something ownership did in 2014 with offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

And if Ross makes that request, Philbin must decide if he's going to follow instructions or stick by his opinion and probably be fired himself.

So much uncertainty.

This much is certain: If Philbin has his way, no changes are going to be made.